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Frequently Asked Questions

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I cannot register an account.
Allow "Janetter.exe" or "JanetterSrv.exe" in your firewall or antivirus settings ("Norton", "McAfee" etc).
Make sure that your PC’s built-in clock is updated and functioning properly.
I do not see the picture of the time-line under the proxy.
Make sure “Automatically detect settings" under the LAN settings in “Autoconfiguration” is checked.
Where are the setting and log files stored?
They are saved in "%APPDATA%\Jane\Janetter2".
You can navigate to a specific folder by either using the Windows Explorer address bar or by using the file name.
You can set or change the location of the log in “work_folder” of "Janetter2\bin\janetset.ini".
How can I make comments or suggestions?
Please feel free to Tweet to @Janetter_jp with your comments, or suggestions for improvement.
Please include how you feel your comments or suggestions will help other users.
I want to delete my tweet log.
You can delete the account log if you delete the account itself.
If you want to delete your lists or search log, please delete them directly from "%APPDATA%\Jane\Janetter2\sqlite".
How can I update Janetter? (for Windows)
Janetter automatically checks for and downloads updates daily.
If you should experience any problems with automatic updates, please download the installer from the main site and run the installation process again.
Click on “about Jenetter” in the options menu to manually check for updates.
How can I update Janetter? (for Mac)
Please update on App Store.
What do I use the “Like” button for?
If you like Janetter please introduce us to your friends by using the “Like” button in the option menu.
Do you have a help file?
We don't have a help file. We help and teach one another as a community.
As members of the Jenetter community, please be kind to those new to our service.
Doesn’t Janetter use too much memory?
While Webkit seems to use a lot of memory to quickly render the timeline, Janetter tries to use as little as possible.
When using Janetter for extended periods of time there may be memory leaks, so please be sure to reboot the program regularly.
What is the wavy line displayed during startup?
A wavy line is shown when there are new tweets that were received since the last time the program was opened.
If you click on the line, it will display new tweets. If you go to [Settings]-[Advanced]-"When you click the gap area" to "wait until you get all", you can set it so that you can start reading tweets from right after you received them in the previous session.
Huh? Janetter suddenly started acting strange!
The official Twitter site is often unstable.
If you experience trouble please check Twitter before you suspect a problem with Janetter.
I want a ZIP version.
Janetter communicates with Twitter by having a simple server installed in the PC.
Because this version of Janetter contains a program that automatically bi-passes the firewall, we have no plans to release a ZIP version.
I don't want Auto-scroll.
Please check "Disable Auto-scroll" by timeline right-click menu.
I accidentally tweeted from a different account!
If you check [Settings]-[Basic] -"Ask before tweeting", a confirmation dialog will be shown before you tweet.
Check before you tweet.
I want to specify a browser.
You can specify the browser to open when you click URL by [Settings]-[Advanced]-[Browser Path].
I want to edit my profile.
Such a function is currently under development. Thank you for your patience.
What is Twitter API?
It is a client application similar to Janetter that, which receives information, tweets and such, from Twitter. It was provided as a way to interact with Twitter.